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Custom Publishing

Ford Fusion Custom Publishing Cover for Website                    

It’s a crowded and competitive field out there with lots of ‘noise.’ Green Car Journal helps its clients stand out with customized products produced by the ‘green car’ field’s recognized authority. Whether the goal is to explain your advanced technologies or vehicles to consumers through dealership collateral materials, provide reputation enhancing brochures for events or investor kits, or simply raise awareness of your environmental activities, Green Car Journal has an exciting product for you!

Green Car Journal specializes in producing high-quality and insightful two-, four-, and eight-page advertising sections sponsored by a company or industry. Over the years, Green Car Journal has also authored multi-client advertising sections for other magazines like Business Week, Fortune, and Motor Trend.

Well-crafted advertising sections offer an interesting read that brings additional value to magazine readers. From a client perspective, ad sections provide a ‘voice’ for a company or product that often cannot be raised through editorial coverage. Done well, they tell a story from a company’s perspective that’s much more than self-promotion. They are informative, even compelling…just like a magazine’s editorial content.

Our advertising section clients have found the process straightforward and surprisingly smooth from start to finish. That’s because we’ve been doing these sections for nearly two decades and understand the automotive field thoroughly. We offer a knowledgeable, fresh perspective that benefits from our considerable experience in the editorial realm and our keen grasp of the intersection of automobiles, energy, and the environment.