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Green Car Journal

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An auto enthusiast publication like no other, Green Car Journal speaks to the joy of driving while keeping an ever-watchful eye on the automobile’s interaction with energy and the environment. Every feature, technical presentation, and editorial in the magazine includes elements of energy diversity, environmental performance, or efficiency as a matter of course. These are always on our mind…because they are critical to our driving future, our nation’s energy security, and the world we leave for future generations.

Our editors are long-time car enthusiasts and auto writers who care about environmental impact and intelligent use of our energy resources. We know the auto industry well. And we understand the automobile’s broad effect on our lives and the unintended consequences our mobility sometimes creates along the way. These consequences were experienced first-hand long ago during smog alerts in the Los Angeles Basin, when air quality authorities would issue warnings to curtail physical activity while nearby mountains disappeared in an ozone-induced haze. You can’t live through that without it making an impression.

Exploring better answers is our mission. Analyzing positive developments in vehicles, auto technologies and fuels is our passion. Presenting what we learn to society is our imperative. We have tested advanced, production, and prototype cars around the world, operating them on synthetic fuels, hydrogen, electricity, propane autogas, biofuels, natural gas, and of course more conventional motor fuels like gasoline and low-sulfur diesel. Each member of our core editorial team has been doing this for decades now. We are pleased to share our conclusions with you.

While a ‘green’ focus is unusual for a mainstream auto enthusiast publication today, it was even more so when Green Car Journal emerged as a new voice in 1992. We focused on advanced and alternative fuel vehicles while others focused on performance and, to a lesser degree, luxury, quality, value, and safety. All are important touchstones in the scheme of things. It’s just that we happen to place environmental performance and energy efficiency at the top of our list. This is why Green Car Journal is widely recognized as the industry authority in the ‘green’ car field, as it has been since its launch two decades ago.

Want to know more? You can download a sample issue here and, if you like what you see, order your copy of the latest issue or any of the back issues available. All are a great read!